- Melissa K - 

Lindsay is great!!!! I was super tired before she started working with my daughter and I, but now I am able to get much more rest and so is my little one. Lindsay is super supportive and she has amazing tips and tricks. She answered every question I had and was able to resolve every issue we had with sleep. She is super knowledgeable! Thank you Lindsay!!!!!

- Joanna T - 

Lindsay was fantastic! She was quickly able to identify a few problem areas that were impeding my baby’s sleep training. Her advice worked wonders and not only decreased amount of tears but the results were almost instantaneous! Not every sleep training method is right for your baby. What worked well for my firstborn really wasn’t working for my second. Lindsay created an action plan that was tailored to my baby’s needs and my comfort levels. Thank you so much for helping us out Lindsay!

- Amelia H - 

Lindsay is amazing!! She was so easy to talk to, and was able to quickly identify some problems with my boys sleep training! She gave me some tips & tricks & it worked!!

My son is sleeping 11-12 hours every night at 6 months.. Highly recommend her! Thank you Lindsay.

- Alanna L - 

Sleeping was a disaster until I started working with Lindsay. My daughter would wake up 6-8 times every night and it would take her at least 30 minutes to fall asleep for naps (for her to then only nap for 30 minutes). She was cranky and overtired all the time. Lindsay gave me all the tools I needed to get my baby sleeping (and more importantly me!).

- Becki R - 

Lindsay was not only super nice & easy to talk to, she also had a plan for every situation. My little one was sleeping through the night, however having issues rolling onto his belly and being upset about it. Lindsay told me I needed to let him figure it out for even just 5 minutes before intervening - every time telling me only if I was comfortable. I also love that she didn’t just say to cry it out. She helped me make a plan of action! When my little one wakes up now, I don’t just run up and get him. I try and wait to see if he can self soothe a little before helping! Thanks for your help Lindsay!

- Shannie V -

Lindsay is amazing!! I highly recommend her! My 20 month old daughter went from waking up 3 to 4 times a night to now sleeping right through the night in no time. Lindsay developed a tailored plan based on our style of parenting while keeping our daughter in mind. She was so supportive throughout the entire process and was always at hand to answer any of our questions. I only regret not working with her sooner.

- Rebecca L - 

Lindsay is amazing! Before sleep training I would have to put my daughters pacifier in multiple times during the night however we were quickly able to remove it given tools from Lindsay. My daughter (and me) are now sleeping through the night. Lindsay listens well and is great at troubleshooting when needed. I highly recommend her to all parents.

- Francesca B -

Lindsay is knowledgeable, patient and understanding. She really puts in the time and effort to ensure your family meets the goals you set out to achieve. It is hard work but her gentle approach to sleep training was great for my family. Lindsay provides you with a personalized plan and is there for you every step of the way. She helps you tweak the plan if something is just not working and she keeps you going strong when you feel like giving up some nights.  I highly recommend Lindsay if you are looking to get some better nights sleep in your future.

- Dena I - 

Lindsay is amazing! She helped me train my little one. After having no luck for a month or so Lindsay helped with amazing tips and advice and I got my daughter nap trained in less than 1 week! She’s very helpful, sweet and listens to what you want to accomplish. Highly recommend using her for all parents!

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